If you would like to host an event where you can earn free eyewear credits for you or someone else, why not decide to host an event!
Credits are earned based on total volume sold during an event.  5 pairs sold earns 1 free pair. 
The credits are good for the one who books the party.  They can chose to use these credits however they want!  Either for their own personal use, or donate them to someone in need or a local charity!

The idea is simple:

Contact us at event@warringtoneyewear.com to book a party
Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, religious organization, or anyone else in need of glasses
Send out invites and schedule a time for us to show our eyewear
Credit towards the purchase of eyewear will be given to the host of the party based on the volume sold.  Host can choose to use these credits towards their own eyewear needs or donate the credits to someone else!

    We believe in delivering quality eyewear for all, and with your help, we can!

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